Friday, September 26, 2008

A visit from Brianna and Kasse

Today I got such a nice surprise visit from two girls from the neighborhood. They were on their way to the baseball park with a puppy named Cassie, and stopped by to cheer me up about Brindi. Brianna thoughtfully picked some wildflowers as a present. They wanted to know how I was, and how Brindi is - if I've seen her lately. What a wonderful thing to see these two lively young spirits! Brianna is in fourth grade and Kasse (pronounced like "Casey") is in seventh. After we chatted for a bit, they asked me if I had any pictures, so I gave them some posters. Brianna said she would put one up in her bedroom. Kasse asked if she could circulate some petitions at her school and the high school.
And then they decided to write a letter to the mayor. It might open if you click it:

Brianna writes (with permission for spelling changes), "Dear Mayor Kelly, I beg you to let her go this instant, miss or mister. She loves us, and we love her. From, Brianna Clark."

Kasse writes, "Dear Peter Kelly, You need to let Brindi go, all of us miss her. We are making 3 petitions. I hope it will be enough. I really love Brindi. Please let her go. In my diary I always write I hope Brindi comes home today. By Kasse Kinnaird Gr. 7 12 yrs old."

Needless to say, it really did cheer me up to see them, and I accepted their kind invitation to go along to the park with Cassie, who is quite a dog. I regret that I didn't take a photo, but they did promise to come by again soon. Thank you, my friends!

Meanwhile, I have new legal representation, and I hope to have some news to report soon.

Brindi, I love you my dear baby girl, please hang on, I am coming!