Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A night at a hotel, with the cats, after power went out yesterday morning. Basked in the heat and the plumbing - took a nice long hot bath last night. Winds up to 120 km and temps -11 C. Whether to leave the house was a guessing game: roads were bad, but the power company said power would not go back on till 11:30 pm last night. Not much time to decide, do I risk it and stick around, or take off ? So I took off. This morning, my neighbor says the power came on at 7 pm. Of course. But I don't mind; it was a good excuse to enjoy the luxury of heating and plumbing. I took a nice long bath and padded around barefoot. Rudy and Amelia stretched out on the king-sized bed, and enjoyed the view of the bridge to Halifax.

A lot of people around the continent are furiously circulating letters to one another to gather more support for me and Brindi. It's truly amazing. And about twenty facebook members, perhaps more, sent Christmas cards to the mayor with Brind's picture on it, in her silver antlers. I also received a few more photos from folks out west - in Erickson, B.C. Here's two.
Thanks to Lana Horan, in blue, guardian to a veritable menagerie and a formidable campaigner!