Thursday, November 3, 2011

September 2011: Another Year of Hell.

Only ten weeks after a provincial judge finally let Brindi come home - when I was just beginning to come up for air, when I actually thought things were getting better, when Brindi's health was finally stabilizing, and when I still had some savings left - another inconceivably freakish incident happened. No more harmful than the others, but enough for the city of Halifax to use as an excuse to seize Brindi and put her back on death row. Hell. Absolute hell.

Where did it happen? At the foot of my driveway. What happened? There was a mix-up with the car, and she grabbed, or tried to grab, a dog being walked past my house. The owners were a youngish married couple I never saw before. It was a relief when they said they thought their dog was okay in response to my apology and question. But they ignored my desperate pleas and assured me they were going to report it. They did better: they called the RCMP. I begged them for Brindi's life. The reply: "I don't give a f--- about anybody else's dog but mine!"