Friday, December 12, 2008

Letter to Peter Kelly from !"Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada with effective legislation"

Dear Mayor Kelly,

My name is Paula James and I have over 25,000 people on my facebook group and cause alone that have been fighting for effective animal cruelty legislation in Canada, along with the SPCA's.
We've been trying to get our politicians to do something about serious acts of animal cruelty and neglect and help by doing things that make sense for animals.

This issue surrounding Brindi has become quite a topic around facebook and many other sites and I'm sure you've probably received many emails and nasty phone calls.
To me, this does not make sense for Brindi, being locked up for so long, or her owner, having to go to such extremes to save her when she's harmed no one, inc a dog? Other than a few small scuffles with another dog at her fenceline and no serious harm was done?
I agree if she is threatening she should be more protected w fencing, secure environment, etc, but it's my understanding a fence was being, or had been built, so this wouldn't occur again?

From the information I've gathered, Brindi has suffered through some very traumatic times.
However, she doesn't appear to have done anything serious enough to warrant this action and in the end will only hurt her more the longer this continues and she is locked up without her owner she probably lives for, esp. if she's been through rough times previously like she has!
I think most animals have a great chance of rehabilitation if the owner invests enough time, energy and love into it. I believe Brindi's owner was doing a good thing for her and was trying to remedy the situation and do just that and they were on a good track.

I ask you to please HELP FREE BRINDI and show people that you are a compassionate and understanding being, and much like Brindi, also possess feelings and intelligence.

Unless this is somehow proven to be completely untrue info posted on so many sites and places around Canada, I really don't feel her behaviour warrants this terrible punishment for not only her, an innocent animal in all this that only wants love and understanding, but her owner as well.
Francesca has proven to many people across Canada that she does care and love Brindi deeply and is willing to do anything to save her, along with many people across Canada, including myself.

If I don't have the right information, and she has seriously injured a dog or person and you feel she really deserves this then please let me know!? If I am wrong I'll do my best to help clarify the situation on all these websites.

Protests are being held all across Canada, many people are watching and waiting to see what happens!
I really hope we have a good ending to this story and you do the right thing and bring Brindi home on time for Christmas, let her and Francesca have another chance! I'm sure they won't let you down!

Thank you for your time and attention on this matter,


Paula James
Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada with effective legislation