Saturday, September 13, 2008


MEET regional councillors before session.
TREAT them to a cookie!
EDUCEET them about our proposals to change animal control - and to FREE BRINDI!

Please come to the Grand Parade in front of City Hall this Tuesday at 5:30 PM, September 16. We will greet HRM councillors as they arrive for the 6 pm, and peacefully call for them to reform A-300 before the Oct. 14 election - and release Brindi now.

Meet at 5:30 at Grand Parade--dogs (and angels) are welcome! We will have free COOKIES; and handouts about our cause, and we will give both to the councillors. Many of them are actually unaware of how bad By-Law A300 really is.

They do know, however, that they have the power to change it at any time. And, court cases notwithstanding, they also have the power to retroactively suspend A300 where Brindi's offences/seizure are concerned, which will make it possible to release Brindi right away, so that she does not have to suffer through months, even a year, of confinement while a court deliberates!

It's election time! Half of HRM owns pets. Pet owners must come together to make themselves heard - promise your vote on the condition that this matter is taken care of before the election. If not - there are other candidates out there!

Let's MEET, TREAT, and EDUCEET every Tuesday until we succeed!

Hope to see you there!

Information on how to help with legal costs

Many people have asked how they can contribute to the mounting costs of Brindi's defense, as well as the cost of boarding her at the SPCA pound for $25 a day, since July 24. The total is already into the thousands.

In addition to the bank account posted on Save Brindi at Facebook, there is a Paypal account to donate to the Legal Defense Fund for Brindi. Just click on the button!

Any amount is welcome, and all contributions are gratefully accepted!

If you are unable to make a financial donation, your prayers and thoughts are very welcome too, because I know that they are priceless, and sometimes more powerful than money.
Anything that will help bring Brindi home to me is welcome! And thank you.

(PS: please leave a comment if the button link does not work!)