Monday, September 8, 2008

Posting away... looking around.

Yesterday, Sunday, this blog got the highest number of hits ever! Something like 236 page loads. Today dropped to about 180, the second highest number of hits.

Together, the petitions topped 1500 signatures over the weekend.

Emails have been circling the globe by the thousands, thanks to animal welfare advocate networks.

The Legal Defense Fund for Brindi has been posted on Facebook. The money is going toward legal costs as well as the daily fees for the pound, which are currently at $1300, including the $100 impounding fee (but not including HST - will they add the 13% tax?). The estimated cost for legal representation is about $6000 to $8000. Plus court fees, no idea what they are like.

Any and all contributions are welcome, no matter how small. In exchange for the help to get my dog back, I promise I will continue to work to help animals, starting with the laws. I was supporting WSPA and the Humane Society before this happened; I will become more active in those groups.

I spoke with Jean Hanlon today, the owner of Ducky, the 17-year old cat who was wrongly euthanized. (Isn't it interesting that "euthanized" sounds so much like euphemized"?)
She sounded a little better, but still recovering from the shock. And from the comments of well-meaning friends who say unfeeling things, like "Well, it was time for the cat to be put down anyway." As if that should be a comfort??

After all, we are talking about a life that was taken, swiftly and permanently, a life that was part of a family for nearly two decades and still a ways to go, possibly years. I am still amazed the city has not apologized to her, let alone conducted an investigation. 

As for me, I am waiting to hear from my long lost lawyer, and I am hoping to learn that things are moving ahead. I have many questions to ask him before decisions can be made. An injunction, and a lawsuit? We shall see.  

Meanwhile, I'd better get to a yoga class, the best way to deal with life. For me.