Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the aftermath

The news that the city decided not to grant my two requests reached me after 4 pm today. My lawyer leaving for South America tonight, until Sept. 2. I will have to file a claim to have a court-ordered assessment and order to move her to a foster home, as well as pursue a court case to release her. These added and prolonged legal procedures are likely to win, but not for some time. To continue this fight for my beautiful dog, I must risk my health, severe financial hardship, and a winter without heat. Surely this cannot be.


My day is almost half over, and there is no sign of how it will end. I am feeling rather disassociated from everything right now. I feel grateful for the attention given to the story; it is really more than I expected. And I am so honored by the offers of support from people everywhere, supplying me with names, suggestions, and good wishes. But for somebody who is used to spending several days a week without speaking to another human, let alone seeing one face to face, it's quite a change. My bewildered mind, seeking answers, keeps replaying a memory of Brindi's butt scooting down that back ramp, leaving me holding the muzzle and lead. 

Monday afternoon, the weather spiking into a very hot day, and on four hours of sleep, I was able to meet with Scott Hughes, the lawyer representing the city of Halifax, together with my lawyer. Without the presence of anybody from animal services, it was not the meeting we originally requested and agreed to by the city. Nor was the topic of discussion what I had hoped it would be, namely, releasing my dog. That's okay, I thought; at least we are here, speaking face to face with somebody about something. We had decided to concentrate on getting Brindi to a foster home, out of the shelter, and permission for the trainer, Silvia Jay, to see her and assess her. We talked for about an hour, maybe less, in the city's legal services office. I am not sure how it went, but Scott agreed to let us know his response by the end of the day today. 

With a deadline or two - David is on vacation after today, and Silvia starts on Monday - it is getting pretty tight. Plus, tomorrow it will be an entire MONTH since Brindi's been in the shelter. I still can't comprehend this, and the time is just fleeing away, the summer coming to an end before any of my goals are completed - namely, the house!! In March, the wood windows I ordered were ready and delivered on time, but the basement was not completed. Since then the installer has been kind enough to keep all 20 of them in his shop, a real inconvenience, I'm sure. I had expected to be ready for them by July, August at the latest, and here it is, all I have is footings and a lot of water and rocks, and the house is still on the piers. Today he called and asked about moving the windows elsewhere. Lucky for me, a kind friend of mine up the road offered to store them in her spotless, well-organized basement. They'll be within reach when the time comes. I can't wait for that. 

Meanwhile, having finally had a night of sleep, I am waiting out the day. And so, to my surprise, is the local media. May it all work out for the best!