Sunday, January 3, 2016

HRM Solicitor Katherine Salsman Said No to Adoption & All Alternatives to Killing Brindi: 2010 Memo

Another dismal end of year, and the most dismal end.
It's time to get things straightened out once and for all. This is not your average dog case. From the outside, it's not always clear. I forget this often because I am in the thick of this struggle. What gets said and proven in court isn't reported. In between, the press passes on whatever the city says. The public fills in the blanks, based on general knowledge of other cases. So I am going to put this out as clearly as I can:

  • I did not prolong Brindi's time in the pound.
  • I am not a dog owner who doesn't know anything about dogs and doesn't train their dog.
  • I did not fail to take incidents seriously.
  • I did not ignore a muzzle order on Brindi twice, or at all.
  • My memo to HRM from 2010 is the first of many documents dealing with adoption. In that memo I listed five offers I made in person to the HRM lawyer. I offered to plead guilty and pay fines if they would let Brindi go on any one of those offers. This would have avoided a costly trial and gotten Brindi out of the pound right away.

I asked HRM to choose one of these measures and I would plead guilty and pay fines: 
1. Release Brindi to me pending trial, and if HRM wanted, I would put up a bond as high as $10,000, or, 
2. Let Brindi go to a foster home pending the outcome of the trial, or, 
3. Drop the prosecution's request to the judge to order Brindi to be killed, or, 
4. Release Brindi to me and I would take her out of the country and go back to the States.  
5. Let Brindi go to another owner, either here or anywhere else, i.e., ADOPTION!