Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Responsible Dog Ownership Week?

Well, yesterday's Meet/Treat/Educeet had a modest turnout, but pretty nice results all the same!

I borrowed Ella, a friend's chocolate lab and a stauch supporter of Brindi. Ella chose to lie down right in the middle of the base of the City Hall steps, greeting all comers with a friendly wag of her tail, cleverly giving me a chance to speak to them. Thank you , dear Ella!

We did meet a handful of city councillors, and it was good to speak to them one on one. They were very cooperative, and why not, with three beautiful pooches at my back, and three dedicated humans, plus some delicious cookies (I had big chocolate chip cookies on reserve in the car, in case they were needed)? And of course, I had handouts with Barking Points, all about Brindi and A300, to give them.

I also spoke to reporters from the Herald and News 95.7. It pays to get out there! So everybody is invited to next week's Meet and Treat, 5 pm, Grand Parade. I have more signs, more cookies, and more handouts, and I really hope we get a great big turnout. It's a special occasion, because Mayor Kelly, in his infinite wisdom, has declared Sept. 20-27 "Responsible Dog Ownership Week" in Halifax, apparently with the Canadian Kennel Club's support.

Great idea!

Maybe as part of the festivities, Mayor Kelly will make good on the offer to help save Brindi he sent in an email emailed to one of Brindi's Angels last week. After all, he owns a dog - who happens to be known to bolt out his front door rather often. A good reason for him to take a critical look at A300, since running at large is an offence, isn't it?

Of course, the bolting story may be hearsay. Then again, my lawyer says hearsay is routinely admitted in court when it comes to dog crimes. Something to think about, I guess.

I was interviewed by CKDU radio on Monday for a news report by Debbie Johnson, a hardworking student journalist. It was aired yesterday. Nice to have some media coverage again. And a good story, thanks Debbie! One or two small glitches - Brindi has not been in the pound three months, but two, although it may as well be three...

Also, the city's spokesperson, Deborah Story, again spoke a bit less than accurately about the situation. I realize she has a job to do, but it should not be about killing dogs, should it? Story said the city could kill Brindi anytime, but is being nice not to. Actually, they cannot kill her as long as any court case is pending or filed, or they would be breaking the law. I guess they are nice not to be breaking the law, then. Also, she said that they are waiting to hear from my lawyer, when the opposite is true. The city's lawyer was supposed to file a reply to our statement of claim within 20 days, before we can apply for a court date. He has not done this. We are considering several options, including applying for a default judgment, in our favor, as well as an injunction.

Meanwhile, the Care2 petition is well over 1,000 and we are going to be sending it to the Regional Council along with the iPetition documents, with 785 names.

Don't forget, the entire Council and the mayor are all up for re-election. This is their chance to clean up the situation to insure votes from pet-owners by getting Brindi out, AND changing A300, before the election. Then they would be worth voting for.