Saturday, August 9, 2008

To the media... and beyond!

It's well into the third week since Brindi was taken. I still haven't seen her. At least I do know she's alive. 

The court papers were filed Wednesday, so I began sending out some statements.  The Halifax Chronicle Herald kindly sent a photographer out here yesterday, and their reporter, Michael Lightstone, spoke with me by phone. 

The city spokesperson told Lightstone they were willing to sit down and talk to us. Maybe it can happen sooner than later.

There is no doubt: first, I need a fence (stay tuned). If I am fortunate enough to get her back, and nothing is certain now, it will be there to keep her in the yard.  I will comply with the muzzle order in public. Plus, I will get Brindi's recall response as foolproof as possible. I believe she can be trained to do just about anything. Me too.