Saturday, May 12, 2012

Under Construction! Thank you for your patience!

See for the following documents that were submitted to the court and are now part of the public record.
  1. Transcripts of calls
  2. Katie and Tyson Simms' written statements filed with HRM
  3. Transcript of RCMP interviews of the Simms, Michele Steen, Lloyd Pettipas
  4. Photographs of the Simms' dog Lucy
  5. Vet report
  6. HRM Oct. 8 2010 brief filed for an injunction (injunction hearing was denied; Supreme Court claimed it lacked jurisdiction)
  7. Rogier preliminary brief filed 17 as Motion to Dismiss or Stay Proceedings based on Charter violations
  8. HRM Reply Brief, Feb. 24
  9. Rogier March 13 Rebuttal Brief, with list of authorities
  10. HRM Second Reply Brief, April 5, with list of authorities
  11. Rogier Motion to Strike Testimony and Exclude Evidence, March 15
  12. Rogier Motion to Declare Mistrial, March 15, submitted at close of trial proceedings, March 16
  13. Transcript of court proceedings from March 2 and March 16
  14. HRM email about mistrial motion
  15. Rogier April 26 letter to judge requesting clarification after HRM failed to respond to mistrial motion
  16. Fax to HRM from court clerk April 27
  17. Rogier Response to HRM’s Second Reply Brief, with attachments, May 8
Trainer statement to court on dog behavior, and vet reports on Brindi's health, pending permission
photos of site where my car spun off the road on March 2
And when it's ready, a transcript of the written ruling by Judge Buchan May 10 (she is not releasing it directly, but I will file a transcript of it to the court).

It will probably be a good idea to link to the relevant laws, or at least give a list. I'll do that as well, why not?