Thursday, April 8, 2010

Letter from Cyprus

It is really something to get messages of support from around the world. Sometimes they really give me pause. When I was studying Berlin, I read a masters thesis on another divided city, namely Cyprus. This morning, I received this note from a very kind woman living in that city. I thought I'd share it here, and will be posting a few other letters on the Support Brindi page as well.  

Dear Brindi and Francesca,

I can only wish like many others that we had the power to bring Brindi home so all I can do us send you my wishes and thoughts on brining you both together and home again soon. These are times that I feel ashamed to be called human and I hope they bring Humanity back, Convicted killers have the right to live, why and how a dog becomes a victim of the law is a question, in taking the responsibility of humanity and offering you support to help to give Brindi the care and love needed…. a simple action on their behalf was overlooked and they took actions which are shameful acts of humanity.

My heart and mind is with you both xxx

Terisa Vlamis
Student of Canine Psychology

Meanwhile, Brindi is scheduled for an assessment (again) this morning. I'm off to make sure it happens. 
This is the third try since February!! More on that later.