Saturday, February 20, 2010

A letter to the editor that made it

Thank you, Ms. Bridgewater, for this letter, and to the Halifax Chronicle-Herald for printing it Feb. 19.

HRM exceeding its power

Brindi’s case is an example of how HRM’s order to euthanize the dog exceeds the power of the municipality as stated by Supreme Court Justice Duncan Beveridge in January 2009. HRM should have dropped the charges against Francesca Rogier and Brindi at that time, but instead reinstated the charges.
Ms. Rogier obviously loves Brindi and has spent over $30,000 fighting to have her dog, free of charges, back in her home from the SPCA, where Brindi was ordered placed by HRM in July 2008. Ms. Rogier has not been allowed to visit Brindi since January 2009.
Recently, the executive director of Nova Scotia SPCA, Kristin Williams, has said that the SPCA will not euthanize (kill) Brindi, nor will euthanization take place on SPCA property.
Brindi’s fate will be decided on Feb. 23, and I am praying the dog will not be killed, but released to go home.
HRM needs to pay Ms. Rogier for her legal bills because of all the injustice which has needlessly been done to her.

Hope Bridgewater, Wentworth

There is another fat bill pending, regardless of the outcome here, and that is the bill the SPCA plans to charge me: a whopping $25 a day for boarding Brindi at an inadequate facility where she contracted a chronic illness: something like $13,500 to date.