Friday, November 13, 2009

Health worries

Well, for the second time in what - a month? - I arrive to visit Brindi on a beautiful sunny afternoon, and am confronted with the news that she has been throwing up. 

Weeks ago, I was told she threw up every day for a week. 

Today, I hear she was throwing up for the last two days. 

They did bloodwork last time, and again now; last time, apparently, she was throwing up longer because of anti-nausea medication they gave her. And the vet report that came days after my visit was too much for me to even read. I had a friend read it and give me the gist. It was no comfort - talk of pancreatitis. Evidently something that doesn't go away; it's there for life. 

I have not received the latest blood test results. I appreciate that this time I was not made to phone up Kishan Persaud, the HRM prosecutor, to learn the bad news; the shelter manager was nice enough to tell me herself. 

But I don't get this. Brindi was in absolutely perfect health when she was taken. In January, when they finally let me see her after six months, she had gained at least 10 to 15 pounds and was in terrible condition. She lost a few pounds but is overweight still. And her teeth - well, I've mentioned this before and it's no better now. But what is happening??Why is she throwing up? I tried to get my vet to discuss this with me and was shut down - literally.  

Brindi seemed tired today. They had her out most of the morning, it seems. She was thirsty, and I asked for a dish of water. She gets winded easily - so do I. Neither one of us is getting enough exercise. We need each other for that. 

In the meantime, I haven't had the strength to look up pancreatitis or even vomiting in dogs. My cat Rudy has a heart murmur and renal failure; that's already been a big concern and he's on a medication. But if something happens to Brindi...