Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Transgression of the day

Today I went to the shelter/pound/SPCA and gave my dog a bone. 

For that transgression, I have risked never being allowed to see her again. 

I really don't understand so I cannot explain. I have asked. All I am told is that this transgression is apparently defined in the 12 conditions as "no high-value items." Who knew?? All I could think of was an iPod, or a heating pad... ??? 

If you accept bones for 10 months, who would dream that you were not really accepting them? 

If you mean bones, why don't you please write "no bones"?

Raw beef bones happen to be cheaper than any dental bone or smoked bone or whatever - and they happen to be Brindi's chew of choice. Why the deception? Why not a discussion? 

I just do not understand: I thought they said they were taking excellent care of my dog.