Tuesday, September 9, 2008


With the welcome news from my lawyer that we will likely filing a court action soon, I am wondering which threads to follow up on in the meantime.

A visit to my doctor today, to report the stress I've been under and its various effects on my sleep, my back, my skin, and my nerves; I hardly got through the list. Not much he can do for me; therapy? He rolled his eyes at the thought. "What you need is support," he said, "and you seem to have some, at least." And because he happens to own six dogs himself, my situation worries him because they do occasionally get loose off his property. Nobody has called the cops though. Nor has anybody called him a moron, as far as I know. Even the odd petition signer thinks I am. Well, I would like to meet the dog owner whose pooch always obeys every command. Let he whose dog is perfect throw the first bone! Death is an awfully heavy penalty for a few minor misdeeds. Dogs are not some kind of rodent plaguing the city; they are contributing members of society. 

A neighbor at the mailboxes said he heard that six dogs were put down by the city since my dog was seized. This would be news to me! I'd appreciate knowing if this is true. I sure hope not. 

A call from a journalist today, asking if I'd come into the city to do a short interview, for CKDU's Tuesday 5 pm news program. I plan to see her on Friday morning. I don't know if anybody picked up the story about the dog walk, but we certainly did our best. 

Meanwhile: the Care2 petition stands at 899! The goal of 1,000 signatures is within reach. Good timing: we can deliver it to the regional council and the HRM clerk in time for the new sessions.