Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Radio Time Wednesday Dec. 10

Thanks to various emails from others, and an interested producer, it looks like I will be on talk radio News 95.7 tomorrow afternoon, the Tom Young Show. I will have a chance to put the facts out there. I should be on air as a guest after 1:35 PM (Atlantic Time) After I go off air, they will take calls for a while. Maybe if you have time you can try to call in, or somebody you know.

Afternoon News with Tom Young
Toll Free: 1-866-411-0889

You can listen online here.

Wish me luck!

Because all I want for Christmas is my life back, and my life is with Brindi, I really hope this helps.

from Kijiji

This is a message similar to others I have received - it arrived last week:

Hello, this is so unreal that they won't give you the chance to do your part!! Go to your local MLA"S office and see if they can help you out, I had to do the same thing a few years ago, my dog got loose and was running and playing just as your dog did, then animal services came and took her for no reason... I call my MLA's office and within 3 days my dog was returned and, now we have a fence and she can run in the yard all she wants to.. Also try posting a add on facebook to help save your dog... have faith in your MLA and hopfuly things will work for you. Please let me know what happens in this case.. my e-mail address is ___@hotmail.com and my first name is L.. Thanks for taking the time out to read my message to you.

Well, L, as I wrote you back, did that. Would that it worked out the way it did for you.
I first had to call a lawyer and maybe by the time I called the MLA it was too late, who knows? I was told that my MLA was very powerful though.

Here is one I just discovered in my yahoo email inbox - I don't check it very often, and this is dated Nov. 9:

Hi Francesca,

Please don't give up. You have to be strong and fight for your dog. Have you contacted the local newspaper ? I supported a huge campaign here to help free a German Shepherd that was in a similar situation like your dog. I put my life on hold for this for 6 months. We won the dog back. We rallied in front of the courthouse and in town for weeks and months... holding huge signs. You need to get people's attention - I don't know what you have done so far.. the website looks great and is informative - please Francesca don't give up - let me know if I can help compose something, I have written many articles on the other dog's behalf and published them online. Maybe you can use some of those articles and just change them around to Brindi's situation. Let me know.

Hang in there,

Monika Courtney, Evergreen, CO.

Yes Monika, I have certainly contacted the local papers and local everything. If you page back in the blog you will see links as well.
I would like to be able to list the blog posts by title and date but I can only find a way to do it with the date, not the title too. If anybody knows how to have both, please tell me!

And this is a story about a woman in Saskatchewan who lost several dogs to the dogcatchers. She sued for pain and suffering. By US standards the amount she won is laughable; not even close to legal costs. But at least she won.
I don't want to lose my dog in the first place. I've already spent far more than she got for her pain and suffering.

Waiting more

Well there is no news, and in this case, it's not good news.

Seems there is another holdup on Silvia Jay's assessment. She is still waiting for the go-ahead. Something to do with the court order still. I guess it had to get colder before she could go. Friday was fine; today we have snow and a subterranean temperature.

As soon as I hear anything I will post it.

Meanwhile... Wednesday night is the comedy benefit at Bourbon Street West in Montreal, and Saturday there may even be some news from Calgary, Alberta.