Monday, April 23, 2012

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More YouTube videos by others:

Queen's Brindi Message  April 2012
Francesca's Story  March 2012
Let's Bring Brindi Home!  March 2012
No photos allowed  December 2011
A Christmas Stocking  December 2011

Videos uploaded and/or shot by me: 

Brindi at Homeward Bound during behavioral assessment (footage taken by Bob Riley, April 2010: Brindi had not seen or been up close to dogs for 18 months)

Brindi goes to the beach Summer 2010 trip to a fairly deserted beach - just as deserted as everywhere else I walk(ed) her around here. We live 45 minutes from Halifax, in a very sparsely populated area.

Recently posted material: 

Online interview with me: Montreal Dog Blog  November/December 2011

Brindi Justice:  The truth behind the smears - what HRM doesn't want you to know: Among other things, that a switchboard operator with four years of experience in animal services dispatching, was opposed to the seizure, detention, and planned euthanization of Brindi from day one - so opposed, in fact, she made a fateful suggestion on the night of Sept. 14, 2010,

Open Letter to Derek Graham of Wyndenfog Kennel from me, March 2012


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trick or treat

HRM prosecutor Katherine Salsman was assigned to the case against me and Brindi back in 2010. Salsman posted this photo of herself (left) dressed for Halloween as Cruella DeVille (the dog-hating villainess from Disney's "1001 Dalmations") on her Facebook page last fall. The trial was supposed to begin Nov. 8, 2011. Apparently, this was her profile picture from October to sometime before the end of the year.  
The photo was brought to my attention by members of Save Brindi, who didn't find it very funny.
Neither do I.