Sunday, January 10, 2010

Special people

This is a list that I have been wanting to post for weeks. Didn't get it up in time for the holidays, as intended; the cold and the allure of sleep got in the way. The order is more or less random, but any list has to begin with Bob Riley, without fail. It's definitely not yet complete. I'll never get there, perhaps, but I will keep trying. Stand by!

Bob Riley
Jean Myers 
Heather Anderson
Lana Horan
Holly Ellis
Lisa Lindsay and Reggie
Jenn Richardson and her mother
Mary Cooke
Peggy Macintyre
Valerie Slaunwhite
Rose Pelrine 
John Buchanan
Margo Ross and family
Jean Hanlon
Carrie Elisius
Carol Waterman 
Monika Court
Kris Murdock
Olive Pastor
Dorothy and Preston Andrews
Karen Duffy
Carl Robicheau
Diane Nielsen
Katherine Chaisson
Jeff de la Rosa
Athena Bane 
Roxanne Oliver 
Vidya Wang
Mike Asuncion
Laurie Brewer
Linda Brenner
Linda Dennis
Mary West
Chris Cooper
Ted Efthymiadis
Mary Rogier 
Sandra Janoski
Michelle Steen
Rosemary Gould
Sharon Holmes
Darrel and Juanita Frail
Debbie Chalus
Susan Ito
Kelsey Rae de Coste
Ed Mulrenin
Carol Anne Hutchinson 
Lorne Pike 
Maureen Hurly
Brucefur Fader
Margaret Guercio
Marise Richardson
Diane Ahe
Linda and Richard Koekman
Maxine Waddy
Jay Veinot
Dr. Anthony Jones
David Hendsbee
Scott Brown
Paul and Cathy Jakobsen 
Caz Weatherill
Lori Drummond
Wendy Shaw
Amy Scott
Lindsay Goodfellow
Don and Bernadette Murphy
Kelly Gray

Bruce Stewart
Andrea Somers
Hope Swinimer
Jon Stone
Phil Gallant
Dr. Hamm Rotermund

Marina Findlay
Dr. Robert Merritt
Perry and Mel Clark and family
Herman Gagnon and Teddy
Margie and Charles Wade
Linda and Jerry Melvin
Kirk Slade
Carol Henderson
Gordon Durant
Shari Harrison
Teresa Turner
Pami Pantigoso
Sissy MacNeil
Edda Bataan
Mary St. Amand
Bill Bruce
Tracy Root
Margit R√łnsholt
Doug Bethune

These are folks who have been especially kind, generous, and giving of so many things; time, money, phone, letter and email campaigns; encouraging words, companionship. I will never forget them, even if I haven't been in constant contact with them, for which I apologize (needless to say, no cards were sent out from this address). Most I did not know two years ago, with some important exceptions; some I have yet to meet in person but I feel I've known them for ages. Many have been fighting for Brindi in ways too numerous to mention, putting in countless hours.

All of these people-and more-kept me going through countless ups and downs and continue to support my goal of getting my poor neglected girl back home. It's very humbling, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for walking with us on this difficult journey, and send them all my love.