Monday, April 23, 2012

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More YouTube videos by others:

Queen's Brindi Message  April 2012
Francesca's Story  March 2012
Let's Bring Brindi Home!  March 2012
No photos allowed  December 2011
A Christmas Stocking  December 2011

Videos uploaded and/or shot by me: 

Brindi at Homeward Bound during behavioral assessment (footage taken by Bob Riley, April 2010: Brindi had not seen or been up close to dogs for 18 months)

Brindi goes to the beach Summer 2010 trip to a fairly deserted beach - just as deserted as everywhere else I walk(ed) her around here. We live 45 minutes from Halifax, in a very sparsely populated area.

Recently posted material: 

Online interview with me: Montreal Dog Blog  November/December 2011

Brindi Justice:  The truth behind the smears - what HRM doesn't want you to know: Among other things, that a switchboard operator with four years of experience in animal services dispatching, was opposed to the seizure, detention, and planned euthanization of Brindi from day one - so opposed, in fact, she made a fateful suggestion on the night of Sept. 14, 2010,

Open Letter to Derek Graham of Wyndenfog Kennel from me, March 2012