Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter from India

Lots going on, no time to blog about it quite yet. In the meantime, however, this was shared by Inez Rufus in India.

One thing's for sure: it's unlikely that the HRM councilors and mayor have ever gotten so many messages from so many far-flung places on every continent except Antarctica! Too bad they do not reply to the majority of them. Inez wrote to me that she has sent many emails so far, "but not one has even been acknowledged.

Inez Rufus  April 10 at 1:59am
Dear Mr. Moore,

I live in India and have been following Brindi's story from its inception. I am shocked at how the Candian legal system works!

Please let Francesca visit Brindi. Try and negotiate a resolution to this craziness so Brindi can go home to Francesca.

I own a dog and this situation would have sent me over the edge. Kudos to Francesca for staying in the game.

Please use whatever powers you have as Superintendent to bring this heart-rending separation to an end. PLEASE!