Friday, September 19, 2008

The answer is no

Today I received a reply from the city clerk: the online petitions will not be presented to the Council next week, because they lack street addresses for all the signees. This is some 1800 names we are talking about. We will email the petitions to each councilor anyhow.

In addition, my request to address the Council as part of the agenda was denied, because "the case is before the courts." The idea was that the Council could act faster than the courts to resolve the situation - send Brindi home. To do that, somebody has to request the Council to take action on the matter by suspending the by-law. What other way is there? A letter? Dozens of people have already written to the Council. The topic has to be put on the agenda in order to have anything happen.

Third, and more bizarrely, the mayor has reversed his offer to help that he made to a supporter a week ago, in reply to her urgent appeal. He said, "I would love to help." We were elated about it. But when she tried to set up an appointment, as he had advised, his staff intervened, taking up the familiar "before the courts" phrase.

So it appears as though any dialogue with elected officials is forfeited, because I had to hire a lawyer to save my dog, having no other option under the law. I don't get it.